Seaglass Swimwear + Playero Surf Shop

4 years ago

Seaglass Swimwear is now available at Playero stores in Puerto Rico! We are amped and you should be too! If you’ve never heard of Playero then, well, you probably have never had the pleasure of visiting Puerto Rico…


Playero has been around for nearly 40 years now, and they know their sh*t. Although “surf shop” does not appear after their name, it’s because it doesn’t have to. Playero has become synonymous with surf and this family owned business has roots that run deep within the surf and beach culture of Puerto Rico.

Playero Surf Shop Seaglass Swimwear Surf Bikinis

Currently, you can find Seaglass Swimwear at Playero’s two locations in San Juan, Puerto Rico. So pop on over to Playero in Plaza Las Americas or hit up their Calle Loiza location next time you are in San Juan. From surf bikinis and rashguards, to sunscreen and surfboards, you will find everything you’ll need for life in Puerto Rico. Bikinis and sunscreen is all you need to get by in Puerto Rico, isn’t it!?

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