My Mother Told Me To Pick The Very Best One And…You…Are…IT!

5 years ago

My desk covered in fabric swatches and strike offs. Which ones made the cut?!:
cool swimwear fabric prints 2014

So long story short, I’ve been ready to send Seaglass Swimwear into production for well over a year now and with every hurdle I gracefully leap over, it seems to be followed by some not-so-glorious huge speed bumps. An example? Spending lots of time and money getting patterns digitized and graded, markers made, samples sewn, photoshoots shot only to be told that ALL of the prints that I planned on using were no longer available when it was actually go time for production. I will take partial responsibility since I’m new to this whole manufacturing industry, but the fabric industry (from what I’ve seen, mind you. This entire industry is like a secret club that you have to earn your way into…) is at least 50 years behind the times. I have been hard pressed to find a fabric supplier and manufacturer that even has a working email address, let alone a website to where I can find their phone number. I have even flown thousand of miles to industry trade shows, only to be given a name of someone that I should contact. No phone number, just a name and a general idea on how I would get into contact with them.

I want to pay someone to sew spandex, not buy drugs, mind you.

So yes, long story short: It’s been a tough road. But finally, I feel that I have navigated my way through this interesting industry and I’m very very close to finally being able to produce the swimsuits that I want produced. Too many times I’ve been told by industry professionals, what I can’t do, but guess what? I’m going to do it and it’s going to be amazing.

Finally, things are moving forward quickly, fabrics have not only been picked BUT also purchased (you will have to pry these amazing prints from my cold dead hands, at this point!). Colorways have been finalized and I’m just waiting on the last few swatches to figure out where I am going to order my solid colored spandex from.

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