Photo Shoot Location Scouting in Puerto Rico

4 years ago

We are gearing up for a swimwear photoshoot and went on a location scouting mission in Puerto Rico yesterday. We found some really amazing location to shoot at on the western coast! We explored Rincon, Aguadilla and Isabela and came across some perfect places to shoot photos. Check out some of the places we found and keep in mind that all photos here were taken with an iPhone and are unedited (Yes, Puerto Rico really is this beautiful)!

In addition to shooting Seaglass Swimwear on land, we are also going to be doing an underwater photoshoot as well, so stay tuned!

puerto rico beautiful cool jetty aguadilla


  1. Ana says: on February 15, 2015  1:11 pm Reply

    Hello! Beautiful photos! Puerto Rico is honestly very magical. I am scouting for a movie, and i need a location like the one you found. Do you by any chance remember where this area is? Thank you,
    Ana Marazzi

    • Summer Michelle says: on February 19, 2015  12:54 am Reply

      Hi Ana, Yes, most of these locations are in Aguadilla, which is on the west coast of Puerto Rico. If you are particularly interested in a specific one, let me know which picture and I can tell you the name of the location!

      • Ana Marazzi says: on March 7, 2015  5:28 pm Reply

        Hi Summer! Yeah, I wanted to know where the place in your very first picture is. Its like a field with a bunch of palm trees. Thanks you!

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