Giving Back: 1% For The Planet

4 years ago

1 percent for the planet swimwear bikini memberDid you know that at least 1% of all Seaglass Swimwear sales are donated to support conservation efforts, charities and non-profit organizations that help animals, children and the planet earth?

While I do my part personally to conserve, reduce and reuse, I want to make sure that these core standards are well ingrained in Seaglass Swimwear as it begins to grow as a brand and as a business.

With Seaglass Swimwear I want to do it right, or not at all. While it would have been easy-peezy to send my designs off to China and get them manufactured in a snap, for a fraction of the price, I held my ground and grinded until I found exactly what I was looking for in a manufacturer located here in the USA. It took me well over two years to find a reliable manufacturer located in the United States, that could sew up to my standards…

Being eco-friendly and “green” is kind of all the rage nowadays, which is great, but I still think that there needs to be some sort of accountability so that you as a consumer can trust that a business that is touting themselves as environmentally friendly (or whatever the latest green fad is…), is truly living up to their promises. So, to provide this sort of accountability, Seaglass Swimwear has signed up as a member of ‘1% for The Planet‘. As a member of 1% For The Planet, businesses are required to provide proof of their charitable donations and they must be equal to, or more than, 1% of their sales.

1 percent for the planet member seaglass swimwear

1% For the Planet was started by Yvon Chouinard, who is also the founder of Patagonia. I have admired his environmental work and business philosophies for years and what he and co-founder Craig Mathews have achieved through 1% For The Planet is truly astounding. Since inception in 2002, 1% For The Planet has given more than $100 million to environmental programs and non-profit organizations that help clean up and protect our planet.

In addition to supporting environmental organizations through our 1% For The Planet membership, Seaglass Swimwear also takes measures to reduce, reuse and conserve in our everyday operations. To list a few of our efforts:

– Whenever possible we eliminate the use of plastics and use 100% recycled plastic products where we find that plastics are needed.

– Our spandex fabric prints are made using dye-sublimation, which has no negative environmental impact or pollution causing by-products.

– We organize and participate in local beach and park cleanups.

– We are always actively looking for ways to better the world and make our community a better place!

ecoenclose recycled poly mailers

In a world where “planned obsolescence” is now a business strategy, I think it’s important that we as consumers pay more attention to the impact that items that we buy, and the businesses that we support, have on the world. If you are feeling eco-nerdy and have 20 minutes, check out this video called “The Story of Stuff”, to learn more about how our hunger for cheap, disposable products have more of an effect on the environment than you would ever expect:

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